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Japan-America Society of Georgia


Summer 2021 Newsletter

JapanFest Returns for 35th Anniversary

After last year’s virtual JapanFest , we are looking forward to a return to normalcy this year at its usual venue at the Gas South Duluth Convention Center. JapanFest will be held September 18 from 10 am to 6 pm and September 19 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Join us for performances, Japanese food, authentic goods, toys, exhibits, movies, demonstrations, games and just plain fun. For more information, please see: To be a vendor, please see To make a festival that attracts 25,000 people a success, volunteers are crucial. To volunteer, please see:

JapanFest began in 1981 as Japan Week, biannual Japan-related cultural events organized by the Consulate General of Japan. In 1986, the JASG, the JCCG, and the Consulate General organized events as JapanFest. In 1993, the first Japan Picnic & Sports Day was held at Mercer University. In 1995, that became Japan Day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. In 1996, JapanFest moved to Stone Mountain Park and became an annual event. In 1997, JapanFest, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation.

The Tokyo Olympics

This year’s Olympics came after a one-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the empty stadium reflected the conditions under which the games proceeded. Regardless, this was a momentous occasion for athletes as they finally got to show off their five years of hard work. Some highlights from the opening ceremony included drones forming a miniature Earth, a performance of Olympics’ pictograms, and tennis star Naomi Osaka lighting the torch. 

Medal Count:

 Silver Bronze
 Japan  27  14  17  58
 United States
 39  41  33  113

Japan won gold medals in the men’s gymnastics, softball, men’s epee team men’s, several weight classes in Judo, boxing, wrestling, men and women’s street skateboarding, women’s 200m and 400m individual medley, and mixed doubles in table tennis. The U.S. won gold medals in women’s 3x3 basketball, women’s gymnastics, women’s fencing, shooting, surfing, swimming, track & field, golf, wrestling, and women’s taekwondo.

Japan-Georgia Ties
A few Olympians from the state of Georgia won medals in the 2021 Olympics: Allisha Gray from Sandersville, GA, won a gold medal in the women’s 3x3 basketball; Vincent Hancock from Eatonton, GA, won a gold medal in men’s skeet shooting;  Jay Litherland from Athens, GA, won a silver medal in for men’s swimming 400m individual medley.
There were also several Japanese Olympians with ties to Georgia: Golfer Hideki Matsuyama who won this year’s Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA.; Ava Schafer on the Japanese national basketball team went to Georgia Tech for 2 years before going pro in Japan.

Comment from Day Lancaster, former JASG Chair and translator for the Japanese team at the Atlanta Olympics : “Once the Tokyo Olympics began and the actual sports took center stage the controversy about whether to proceed with the Games receded to the background.  Watching the diverse array of athletes setting new records and demonstrating inspiring sportsmanship was a welcome distraction from the relentlessness of the pandemic.  The Atlanta Olympics had its share of problems as well, but as in Tokyo, the feats of athleticism and sense of global community are what left the lasting memory.”

Olympic photo above by Alex Smith on Upsplash.

Message from the Chair



    Al Hodge

    JASG Chair

    President & CEO, Hodge Consulting Services


  • Congratulations to Tokyo and all of Japan for a successful Olympics, punching through major obstacles and providing athletic excellence on the world’s largest arena. The U.S. and Japanese athletes deserve special mention, with Georgia’s finest competing with home state pride and Japanese reinforcing their home’s worldwide reputation. Japan showed once again its world-renowned hospitality, the big picture and meticulous implementation of important details. The WOW factor during the sportsmanship by Japanese and other athletes, and the opening and closing ceremonies were only eclipsed by the spirit of the Reiwa Era.

    Meanwhile, JASG continues to provide excellent programs from sustainability topics and cultural opportunities to movies as we prepare for more in person events.

    Preparation has begun for JapanFest, the best Japanese-American event in the US! Much work is well underway by the Georgia Japan Chamber, the Society and JapanFest. Performances, interactive displays and good food and beverages are some of what you can enjoy in as-good-as-it-gets safety protocols.

    This is my “farewell” column as Chair. I appreciate the super work by the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, members, professional staff of Yoshi and Maki, and the support of Consul General Takeuchi and JETRO. Among other firsts is the General Assembly’s Georgia Japan Caucus, established last year and the first of its kind in Georgia. This portends continued good public policy led by Governor Kemp, education, cultural and the major Japanese business investment here and Georgia’s businesses there. One other group deserves my praise and admiration: the former Chairs.  They continue to support the Society with their wisdom, time, energy and efforts.

    I look forward to what next Chair Jessica Cork, a YKK executive, Yoshi Domoto and the rest of the Team will accomplish as we move forward together.

    We will see you at JASG events and to the JapanFest on September 18 and 19

Annual Membership Meeting August 26

The JASG’s Annual Membership Meeting will be held Thursday, August 26, 2021 via Zoom. This meeting serves as an opportunity for JASG members to gather together for a recap of the past year's events, as well as a look ahead at the year to come.  Approximately half of the Board of Directors will also be voted in for two-year terms ending in 2023 (a list of this year’s nominees is available on the meeting registration page of the website for your review). Please save the date and make plans to join us, as the meeting is open to all JASG members.

貴社ますますご繁栄のこととお慶び申し上げます。 来たる826() にジョージア日米協会 (JASG) 主催のJASG年次会議をZoomで開催いたします。この会議は年一回開かれる重要な会議であり、当協会と会員の皆様が昨年度の行事を見直し、新年度について話し合う大切な機会となります。また、この会議で理事会のおおよそ半数の方々が2023年度までの2年間の執行委員として選出されます。(今年の指名者のリストはウェブサイトの申し込みページをご参照ください。)年次会議はJASG会員の皆様全員が出席の対象となっておりますので、ぜひご参加されるようお願い申しあげます。To register, please go to:

Welcome Sophie Monsibais

     Hello, my name is Sophie Monsibais and it is my pleasure to join the Japan America Society of Georgia as Program Coordinator. I am a 2019 graduate of University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus where I studied Art Marketing with a concentration in digital photography. When I was a kid, I really liked Pokémon, and wanted to learn more about it. This led me to learning about Japan where I fell in love with the language, food, and traditional art forms. As an artist myself, I love crafting with sewing and needle felting being some of my favorite things to do. Other hobbies of mine are making costumes, collecting figurines, and making videos about crafting. I love organizing and sharing information, so I am excited to put that to use here at the JASG. In the future, I am considering studying Japanese Art History, and would like to work in museum education or as an archivist.

     So far, I have had the opportunity to help with our social media giveaway, Obirin virtual exchange, Nihongo-Eigo Kai, Summer Movie Screenings, and more. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be a staff member at the JASG and look forward to helping with more things!

JASG Awarded Japan Foundation CGP and Arts Council Grants 

JASG received a Grassroots Exchange and Outreach grant from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership to assist the Society in hiring individuals to assist in programming and cultural activities. The Society is truly appreciative of the ongoing support and understanding that the Japan Foundation and CGP show all of the Japan-America Societies in terms of programming, personnel, and consultation.

On July 6, the Georgia Arts Council announced the winners of the 2021 Art-in-Education grants. Among them was the JASG Asian Folklore through the Arts Project that will receive $5,000 for its creation of a model for children’s celebration of their cultural diversity through the arts. The project will involve teachers, parents, children, and volunteers from the Georgia International Charter School as well as JASG staff and volunteers from JASG.  The program consists of (1) listening to a folktale, (2) creating storyboards that depict the story the children heard, (3) animating the story, (4) producing a digital animated reproduction of the story, (5) narrating the digitalized animation, and (5) performing the folktale at a school and/or community event. The project is intended to serve as a model for various ethnic groups to celebrate their heritage by using their native folklore to teach universal themes and values. If any member is interested in volunteering to assist in this project, please contact JASG at 404-842-1400.

Global Atlanta

Japanese Firm Wins Gwinnett’s International Award 

Japanese subsidiary OFS took home an international award at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce annual fundraising dinner. The longtime Gwinnett investor, a manufacturer of fiber optic cable in Norcross, announced in 2018 that it would spend $140 million on its most recent expansion. The move was set to create 200 jobs nearly 20 years after its Japanese owner, Furukawa Electric Co., created OFS through an acquisition in 2001. The James J. Maran International Award, named after the late former chamber president, honors international companies that have chosen to locate in Gwinnett and remain active in the business community.  The county is home to nearly 100 Japanese firms.  To view more Japanese news related to the Atlanta area, check out Global Atlanta at:

Upcoming Events

(please see for details and registration) 

August 21                Shibori – Make Your Own Japanese Tie Dye

August 28                Nihongo-Eigo-Kai

September 1           Tomodachi Club

September 14        Nihongo-Eigo-Kai       

September 18-19  JapanFest

September 25        Nihongo-Eigo-Kai


Due to COVIID-19, JASG has been focusing on virtual programing: webinars, seminars, cooking lessons, children’s programs, and Japanese language classes. Moving forward, we will be attempting more hybrid programs that are both virtual and small groups congregating. CDC guidelines will still be followed.

Aug 5:

『バイデン政権による税制強化が叫ばれる2021年下半期。 税務調査の通知が届く前に知っておくべき税務知識落とし穴』

バイデン政権下、 コロナ対策の大規模な財政支出や今後のインフラ投資への財源確保の為、米国政府は税制の整備・強化を進めている。税制強化は税制改正による今後の税収増加だけでなく、過年度からの追加の税収を狙い税務調査の強化が準備されている。このような状況下で今後高い確率で直面しうる税務調査に対し、日系企業や米国在住日本人が事前に知っておくべき問題点とその対応策の一部を、個人税務と移転価格税制を中心に、分かりやすく。下記の方は時間の許す限り参加されることをお勧めいたします。

  • 一定規模以上の海外資産、海外法人の株式を所有している個人法人
  • 駐在員の米国税務申告取り纏め責任者
  • 親会社兄弟会社子会社など海外関連会社と一定額以上の取引がある法人
  • 日本など海外の親会社兄弟会社の株主に一定規模以上の米国株主が存在している法人


  • 小山朋子    EOS会計事務所  プリンシパル
  • 加賀一秀    EOS会計事務所  プリンシパル
  • 倉本正丈    DLA PIPER法律事務所 プリンシパルエコノミスト
See our YouTube to view the webinar:
 Jul 13:

The Power of Toyota Production System Webinar

Now more than ever, sustainable management of business operations, production processes, and efficient logistics are crucial in navigating our ever-changing world. While Toyota Production System (TPS) grew out of a need to optimize the assembly line and improve quality for manufacturing companies, the principles of TPS hold good with other business sectors and even in personal aspects of life. This interactive webinar features an expert presenter from Makoto Flow to gain valuable usable business development practices.

刻々と変化する現代社会を生き抜くためには、ビジネスオペレーション、生産プロセス、効率的なロジスティクスを持続的に管理することが、これまで以上に重要になっています。トヨタ生産方式(TPS)は、製造業における組立ラインの最適化と品質向上の必要性から生まれたものですが、TPSの原則は、他のビジネス分野や個人の生活にも当てはまります。今回のウェビナーでは、専門家であるMakoto Flow氏をお招きし、ビジネス開発に役立つ実践方法をご紹介します。

See our YouTube to view the webinar:

 Jun 29: 

A Japanese Company’s Approach to the U.S. & Global Market

The Japan-America Society of Georgia in cooperation with the Keizai Koho Center (KKC), the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) and Georgia Tech CIBER presented a unique program on the impact of Japanese investment in the U.S. and how one particular company is developing innovative global strategies in midst of today’s business climate. As companies adapt to the ongoing global pandemic and a new normal after COVID-19, implementing a successful marketing and strategic plan has become more important than ever. This interactive webinar explored how having a proactive approach to the continuous improvement of business operations can help sustain a company's impact globally and in the community in which it operates. The JASG thanks KKC, Keidanren, KKC's parent organization, NAJAS, Georgia Tech CIBER, and especially Mitsubishi Electric for making this event possible. See our YouTube to view the webinar:

ジョージア日米協会では、経済広報センター(KKC) 、全米日米協会(NAJAS)、並びにジョージア工科大学CIBER (Center for Business and Education Research-国際ビジネス教育研究センター)と共催で、日本の米国投資への影響や、今日のビジネス環境の中で、ある企業が実行している革新的なグローバル戦略開発についてユニークなプログラムを紹介します。現在進行中の世界的なコロナ感染とその後の新日常に適応するにあたって、企業はマーケティングおよび戦略計画を成功させ実行することがこれまで以上に重要になっています。この対話形式のウェビナーに参加していただき、事業運営を絶え間なく改善する積極的なアプローチが、企業に世界的、地域的にどれほど影響力をもたらすか学び取ってください。ジョージア日米協会では、このウェビナー開催を可能にてくださった経済広報センター並びにその親組織である経団連、全米日米協会 (NAJAS)、ジョージア工科大学CIBER、及び特に三菱電機の皆様に感謝の意を表します。

 Jun 23:

    Surviving Cyber-Attacks: Prevention Tips and How to Manage a Breach

    With cybersecurity breaches at an all-time high, it is more important than ever to have best practices in place to protect your data systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. However, implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging with more devices than people and attackers becoming more innovative. This webinar discussed cybersecurity secrets and prevention tips from experts to stop the attackers from accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes. Our panelists discussed the following topics.

      • What cyber hackers are looking for
      • How hackers attempt to breach operations
      • How your organization can prepare for and prevent attacks 
      • What to do if your company has experienced a breach

        May 20

        Women’s Series: How Diverse Is Your Board Really?

        Why does Board diversity matter? This interactive Q&A session addressed this question through a discussion of such topics as when and why diversity improves Board performance, how to maximize the benefits of board diversity, and considerations for boards to help drive progress on diversity and systemic change. Our expert panelists also gave advice on ways to position yourself for your first position on a board.

        Program Panelists and Moderator:

          • Charmaine Ward -Millner, Director, Corporate Relations, Georgia Power
          • Eduardo Martinez, Retired President, UPS Foundation, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
          • Lisa Robinson, President of OnBoard, catalyst of women in the boardroom
          • Norbert Kuls, German financial daily Börsen-Zeitung correspondent in New York

        This event was organized by The Women’s Series, a collaboration among the German, French, Belgian, Swedish and Netherlands American Chambers of Commerce as well as the British-American Business Council and the Japan-America Society of Georgia. We host educational & networking events with the goal of bringing together women in the Atlanta international community. To view, please see:

        JASG Goes to the Movies 

             This summer, the Japan America Society of Georgia welcomed guests to a series of Japanese movie screenings. These weekend events were a long-anticipated reintroduction to in-person events following the Covid 19 shutdowns of 2020. The JASG remained appropriately cautious by following safe guidelines for small gatherings, which allowed many to come enjoy the films.

            The first screening was hosted May 22nd at the International Charter Academy of Georgia. Good weather allowed guests to watch Yoju Mameshiba drive-in style from the comfort of their cars or spread out on the tennis court in front of the screen. Yoju Mameshiba is a film adaptation of a television series and stars an adorable Shiba Inu puppy that wears a red scarf.

             June 19th’s screening of Dad’s Lunchbox was held at Georgia State University Perimeter College in Dunwoody. Due to rain, this film was enjoyed in the auditorium with a projector making for a fun theater-like experience. Dad’s Lunchbox is a heartwarming film based on a true story about a daughter who eats her father’s handmade bento every day of high school. The bento start off terrible, but slowly improve as does their bond with each other.

             JASG ended screenings for the summer with A Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story shown once again at Georgia State University Perimeter College in Dunwoody. This film tells the story of an excellent cook who marries the reluctant heir of a renowned cooking family.

            The Film Screening Series was an excellent way to incorporate Japanese films into the summer. Over fifty attendees were recorded at the first two screenings and over forty for the final one. The Japan America Society of Georgia would like to thank the Consulate-General of Japan in Atlanta, the Japan Foundation New York, the International Charter Academy of Georgia, and Georgia State University Perimeter College for their support in bringing these events to life.


         June 12

        Virtual Daruma Workshop and Demonstration

        The JASG, Imai Daruma Naya, and I Go Tokyo, presented a unique virtual workshop featuring an introduction to Daruma, uniqueness of Takasaki Daruma, a Tour of a Daruma Studio in Japan and a LIVE Daruma demonstration on how Daruma dolls are made.  The Daruma Doll is a hollow, round, Japanese doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. Although typically a red bearded man, they vary greatly in color/design and are also rich in symbolism. They are regarded as a talisman of good luck in Japan. To learn about Daruma, please watch the workshop and demonstration at:
         May 30
        Edamame Champion & Miso Ramen Cooking Demo

        The JASG and Table for 2 USA’S Washoku-Iku presented this Edamame Champ program about the healthy aspects of Soy, an Edamame Chopsticks Competition, and a Miso Ramen Cooking Class and Demo.  Winners of the chopsticks contest received special prizes and were invited to the finals of the US edamame chopsticks competition to compete for the Championship title! The Edamame Champ promotes healthy eating through Japanese Cuisine focusing on Soy and to raise funds for teaching healthy eating to more people – particularly children. To view the demo, please check out our YouTube channel at: 

         May 26
        The Japanese-American Experience
        The JASG celebrated Asian-American Heritage Month by commemorating the history, impact, and unique experiences of Japanese-Americans in the U.S. dating back to the first Japanese immigrant on May 7, 1843. The panel discussed ways people can navigate today’s social climate and learn how to have effective dialog across cultural differences to accomplish goals \. The webinar focused on new ways of promoting peace and harmony in your life. To view, please go to:


        Tomodachi Club was established in October 1981 under the sponsorship of JASG to promote friendship, cultural exchange, and understanding among Japanese and American women.  Membership ranges between 55-60 women who attend our General Meetings and Small Group Meetings.  Our General Meetings are held five times each year on Wednesdays in September, November, January, March, and May, and consist of a program followed by lunch at a local restaurant or club. The small groups meet at least twice a year and arrange their own activities. To become a member of our Tomodachi Club or for additional information, please contact Ms. Maki Murahashi at the JASG office, Tel. 404-842-1400 or

             The Tomodachi Club, the Women’s Friendship & Culture Group of JASG, wound up its 2020-2021 season on Wednesday, May 5th with our Spring General Meeting.  After a year of virtual meetings over Zoom, members looked forward to our first in-person meeting in the garden of Tomodachi Club member, Carol Dew, in Buckhead. Gregg Levine, Co-Executive Director of Trees Atlanta, was scheduled to present a program about the mission and vision of Trees Atlanta and acquaint us with some of the specific projects this non-profit organization has been involved in to increase the tree canopy of Atlanta.  It seemed an ideal venue and program for our first garden gathering. However, it was not to be as Mother Nature was very uncooperative by producing record- breaking rainstorms during the two or three days before our scheduled meeting. With a very wet and muddy garden, it was decided to once more turn to Zoom for a virtual meeting. At short notice, Gregg was able to present a PowerPoint program over Zoom that was interesting and informative.

             The Tomodachi Club takes a break from meeting over the summer months, during which the group’s four co-chairs are very busy planning the programs and venues for the coming season. For the 2021-2022 Tomodachi Club year, our tentative schedule is to have our five General meetings, all on Wednesdays, on September 8, 2021, November 2, 2021, January 12, 2022, March 2, 2022, and May 4, 2022. General Meetings include a program and lunch at various venues around Atlanta. The final 2021-2022 schedule will be announced in our annual Membership Directory, which will be distributed to members at our first meeting on September 8th. As 2021 is the 40th anniversary of the Tomodachi Club, the co-chairs hope to plan a special celebration for members and guests. In addition to the five General Meetings, two Small Group meetings are planned for October 6, 2021 and February 2, 2022.

        • The JASG Young Professionals (YP) was established in 1996. YP is dedicated to creating a friendly, stimulating environment in which young professionals with an interest in international business and U.S.-Japan relations can gather and learn from local experts and from one another. Informal, informative and interactive YP programs enhance member knowledge of Japan and U.S.-Japan relations. The YP meetings are also about having fun. Members are encouraged to get to know one another socially. Young Professionals are friendly, supportive, and excellent sources of information on a variety of subjects. Please consider joining them. To join, go to:

        Asia-Pacific Children’s Program

        by Debra Owen

        The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention is an outstanding program that is held each year, in July, where children from many countries from the Asia-Pacific region share a one-in-a-lifetime experience of cross-cultural understanding and sharing. The convention is held in Fukuoka, Japan, and as Atlanta is Fukuoka’s sister city, the Japan-America Society of Georgia is invited to send 4 elementary students (two boys and two girls) and a chaperone to this fully-funded convention.

         The program consists of two parts. The first is the Children’s Convention, which is designed for elementary school age (11-year-old) children. These kids participate as “Junior Ambassadors” (JAs). When the kids return, they are part of the Bridge Club – the continuing social network of APCC alumni. The second part is the Peace Ambassador (PA) program where, at the age of 16 and above, the former JAs can return to Japan for the alumni program.

        Because of the on-going global pandemic, the 2021 Children’s Convention will be held virtually in the fall, and 3 of our 2020 JAs will participate: Isalyn Calleroz-White, Sam Skinner, and Davis Marschke. Two of our Bridge Club members, Nithya Guithikonda (JA, 2015) and Jamie Marlowe (JA, 2016) have participated this year as Peace Ambassadors, and will join the younger children to help facilitate the program. Regarding her participation in this year's Peace Ambassador program, Jamie Marlowe said: "The PA programs have been great and super informative. I love how we can still meet even though meetings are virtual." Nithya Guthikonda also commented: "The virtual PA camp this year has been a unique and wonderful experience. Despite the physical distance, I have made many new friends and been able to collaborate with fellow PAs from around the world. Together we brainstorm ideas to better not only our local Bridge Clubs, but the whole BCIO community."

        We have a very strong Bridge Club – Atlanta, and many of our APCC alumni feel strongly about how important and essential the APCC program is to the international community. The goal of the APCC is to help children around the world become “Global Citizens” and spread the OMOIYARI spirit of global and cultural understanding.

         Regarding his experience in the APCC, Ethan Kittredge (JA, 2019) said: “Going to Japan sparked my interest in other cultures. It also made me more aware of the differences and similarities with Japan and the United States.” With respect to his APCC trip, Will Owen (JA, 2017) commented: “It was fun experiencing different cultures from around the world and being immersed in the culture of Japan. It altered how I thought about different societies and cultures around the Asian Pacific Rim and the world.” Jada Nganga said: “Going to Japan has changed my life for the better. The APCC gave me an opportunity of major diversity and togetherness amongst everyone. I strive to continue to experience more of that feeling of fellowship.”

        Bridge Club Atlanta News

        Our Bridge Club activities continue to be remote because of the global pandemic – we are hoping to have some in-person meetings in the fall.  Our Co-Vice Presidents, Jamie Marlowe, Nithya Guthikonda, are actively participating the in this year’s virtual PA program.  Watch out soon for our continued Smile Support Fundraising projects to ensure the continuance of this unique and vital cultural program, as well as our participation in JapanFest this year!

        Member Spotlights

        Have a Coke and Tea SocietyT

        For over a  year, the JASG has instituted a series of interviews with its individual and corporate members that are posted on the JASG YouTube page. We hope that the JASG members learn more about each other by enjoying these interviews.

        Trevin Dye is the assistant director of international business development for the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Atlanta.His diverse skilllset includes being fluent in several languages and classically trained on the piano; his experiences include spending three years in Japan teaching English to high school students on the JET Program and promoting Japanese-America business partnerships. To enjoy his interview and learn about his story, see:


        Day Lancaster grew up on Shikoku in Japan. After attending high school in Kobe, he went to Earlham College in Indiana. Upon arrival in Atlanta, Day became a commercial real estate specialist and assisted most of the Japanese corporations that settled in Georgia. He has been involved in Japanese community activities and was even an interpreter for the Japanese Olympic team at the Atlanta Olympics. To enjoy his interview and learn about his story, see:

        Yuzuru Nagawa is Vice-President and General Manager of All Nippon Airways. ANA was founded in 1952 and is one of Japan’s two international airlines that fly to the U.S. and Europe.  It is the largest Japanese airline in terms of revenue and passenger numbers. In the U.S., Nagawa-san is located in Houston, Texas, but assists JASG with many projects here in Georgia. To enjoy his interview and learn about his and the ANA story, see:


        Dylan Horne is an Associate Coordinator for the Economic Development team at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. He is responsible for managing and improving the team’s metric tracking and reporting procedures as well as supporting the team’s directors and project manager in project management, global commerce and ecosystem expansion. Prior to joining MAC in 2019, Dylan worked at the Office of the Secretary of the Senate at the Georgia State Capitol. To enjoy his interview and learn about his story, see:

          Nakato Restaurant in Atlanta is currently managed by Sachi Nakato Takahara, the granddaughter of the founder. Nakato restaurant first opened its doors in 1972 and today the family continues to share the magnificent culture of Japanese cuisine with Atlantans and visitors from around the world.  After studying in Boston, Sachi returned home to Atlanta where she mastered every aspect of the family business that she loves. To enjoy her interview and learn about her story, see:


        Jim Reed and Jessica Cork are executives at YKK Corporation of America located in Marietta Georgia. It consists of 16 dynamic operating companies from Atlanta to South America. YKK first entered the U.S. as a zipper distributor in 1960, set up a sales office in Atlanta in 1970, and in 1972 purchased 54 acres in Macon to set up operations in Georgia. It was one of the first Japanese companies to manufacture here in Georgia. To enjoy their interview and learn about their story, see:


        Ellie Tsuchiya was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida; Ellie Tsuchiya is a Community Organizer with the Georgia chapter of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF). She also volunteers at Kollaboration, a community organization dedicated to supporting Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi Americans (APIDA) who aspire to pursue a career in the arts. Before her current role, Ellie was a Project Manager at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. She studied at Georgia Tech and has experience in International Trade via the Georgia Department of Economic Development as well. To enjoy her interview and learn about her story, see:

          Culinary Corner:

          Gyoza: Japanese Dumplings 

          In this issue, we feature gyoza Japanese dumplings from Taka Sushi located at 4600 Roswell Rd NE, Suite E 110, Sandy Springs, GA.  Taka Sushi is where sushi and passion are always fashion in Atlanta. Enjoy traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine, fresh fish from Tokyo Toyosu Fish Market every week and unforgettable dishes selected by your chef Taka. Taka Moriuchi’s motto is for his customers to “enjoy traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine that is healthy, delicious, and fun to eat.” Taka arrived in Atlanta in 1995 and has been a proud fixture in Japanese cuisine ever since. He hopes you enjoy his gyoza.

          Ingredients for Gyoza:

            • Ground Pork and Ground Beef (70% Pork/30% Beef)
            • Pepper, Salt, Dashi Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce, Tobanian chili paste to be mixed with the meat to your liking
            • Nira chives (if you can’t find nira, use chopped chives or finely chopped green onion tops)
            • Nappa cabbage, green onions, garlic, ginger and celery leaves to liking,
            • Gyoza skin – I like Golden Dragon Brand the best


          1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and place in food processor. Press the button and hold until vegetables chopped. Do not keep pressing the button.
          2. Cut the nira green onions with a knife
          3. Use a big bowl to add vegetables and meat together to a consistency of 30% meat,70% vegetables.
          4. Add seasonings and blend well with your hands to mix well.
          5. Stuff the gyoza skins and then steam or fry in sesame oil.

          Sauce for Dipping

          • ½ cup rice vinegar
          • ½ cup soy sauce
          • ½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
          • 1 garlic clove, minced
          • ½ teaspoon minced fresh ginger root
          • 1/3 cup thinly sliced green onions
          • 1 teaspoon sesame oil

          The gyoza photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

          International Charter Academy of Georgia

          Seeking Governing Board Members


          Are you looking for a meaningful, impactful, Japan-related volunteer opportunity? International Charter Academy of Georgia, Georgia’s first Japanese-English dual language immersion school, is seeking applicants for its governing board! First opened in fall 2018, ICAGeorgia is a statewide charter school to any K-5 student living in Georgia. The school uses the dual language model to provide both Japanese and English instruction, where the ratio of time spent studying each language favors Japanese in the younger grades and shifts to balance more evenly between Japanese and English as students age. More details about the school can be found at: Details about the duties of the board, requirements, and information on how to apply to be a board member can be found at:

 Please send any questions to

          Mitsubishi: A Japanese Company’s Approach to the U.S. & Global Market

          The Japan-America Society of Georgia in cooperation with the Keizai Koho Center (KKC), the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) and Georgia Tech CIBER presented a unique program on the impact of Japanese investment in the U.S. and how Mitsubishi Electric is developing innovative global strategies in midst of today’s business climate. As companies adapt to the ongoing global pandemic and a new normal after COVID-19, implementing a successful marketing and strategic plan has become more important than ever. 

          The program featured presentations by Yoji Saito, Executive Officer and Group President of Global Strategic Planning & Marketing of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, who gave a corporate overview of Mitsubishi Electric and discussed strategies to solutions to social challenges & sustainability target through their business activities. He also shared the company’s business footprint & CSR impact in the Americas including Mitsubishi Electric’s business and community engagement in Georgia. The webinar also highlighted research on Japanese Federal Direct Investment in the U.S. by Remy Magnier-Watanabe, Associate Professor in the MBA Program in International Business, Graduate School of Business Sciences, at the University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus. His presentation underlined the history of FDI and its role in job creation, research and development, export expansion and CSR. His discussion uniquely showed FDI’s correlation to Sustainable Development Goals (SDSs) and how it can have a positive economic, environmental, social, governance effect on the host country.

          The event was a special way for The Society to start opening up in-person programming as Mitsubishi Electric Trane U.S. hosted a webinar watch party in Suwannee, who welcomed select guests to foster friendship between Japanese and American business and community leaders through networking along with food and drinks. The event began with a reception and self-guided showroom tour. The JASG thanks KKC, Keidanren, KKC's parent organization, NAJAS, Georgia Tech CIBER, and especially Mitsubishi Electric for making this event possible.

          JASG Visits the Zoo

          On Saturday, July 31st and Sunday August 1st, the Japan-America Society of Georgia (JASG) was invited to have an arts and crafts section in the Complex Carnivores. We taught children and adults how to write their name in katakana, how to do origami, and we let children make their own masks. The Wild World Weekend was an amazing event for people of all ages to immerse themselves in different cultures. The different arts and crafts tables were enjoyable for both the customers and the attendees. Zoo Atlanta’s Wild World Weekend is a great platform to share one’s culture with a massive attendance rate.

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