Census 2020 Japanese Complete Count Committee

Community Challenge: Use this image to challenge friends and family to show that they've completed the Census. Send it with a request to comment when the Census has been completed!

2020年国勢調査は、アメリカ合衆国に居住する成人、乳幼児および子ども全員を数えます。 計数作業は、政府機関であるアメリカ合衆国国勢調査局により、10年ごとに実施されます。








2020年国勢調査への対応方法について質問がある場合は、サポートを利用できます。ビデオガイドを使用して2020年国勢調査をオンラインで完了するか、https://2020census.gov/ja.html の印刷されたガイドを使用して紙のアンケートに記入します。2020年国勢調査に電話または回答するには、日本語で利用可能な844-460-2020に電話してください。

The 2020 Census counts all adults, infants, and children living in the United States. Counting is performed every ten years by the United States Census Bureau, a government agency.

The census provides important data that shapes various aspects of people's lives. Many lawmakers, executives, teachers, and others use this data on a daily basis to provide support for services, products, and the community.

Each year, billions of dollars of federal budget are invested in hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and more, based on census data.

The results of the census serve as a basis for Congressional Representation for each state and are used to adjust or redraw electoral districts

The Census Bureau is required by law to protect responses and to be strictly confidential. All staff are oath-bound to protect personal information for a lifetime.

Pursuant to Title 13 of the United States Code, the Census Bureau cannot disclose any information that identifies respondents, respondents' homes, or companies, even for law enforcement agencies. Laws provide that the personal data you provide is protected and is not used by government agencies or courts as evidence against you.

In May 2020, the census will begin a door-to-door visit for households who have not responded to the 2020 census. This is to ensure that counting is not missed.

If you have any questions about how to respond to the 2020 census, support is available. Complete the 2020 Census online using the video guide, or fill out the paper questionnaire using the printed guide at https://2020census.gov

To call or respond to the 2020 census, call 844-460-2020, available in Japanese.

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