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Zoo Atlanta Adventure
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Description: Join JASG members and friends at Zoo Atlanta for a fun and educational time. The day will include a private tour, as well as exciting personal animal encounters and feedings!
Date & time: 2014-10-19 10:00
Zoo Atlanta Adventure   member:$12
Zoo Atlanta Adventure   non-member:$15

Description: The Japan-America Society of Georgia and Sutherland invite you to an Employment Law Seminar to be held on October 2, 2014. This Seminar will present topics that are of concern to Japanese manufacturing companies operating in Georgia, including: ジョージア日米協会とサザランド法律事務所の共同主催による労働法セミナーが来たる10月2日に開かれます。このセミナーではジョージア州の日系製造業の運営について法的な立場からお話をします。トピックの主な内容は下記の通りです。 • Recruiting & Hiring Documents 勧誘・雇用に関する作成法 • Investigating & Documenting Employee Misconduct 従業員の違法行為の調査・記録方法 • Workplace Discrimination & Harassment: Identifying & Escalating Red Flags 職場での差別・ハラスメント:その見分け方 • Best Practices in Termination of Employment 従業員解雇の最善方法 • Understanding the Basics of the Fair Labor Standards Act 公正労働基準法の基本的理解 • Family Medical Leave Act Overview and Update家族医療休暇法の概観と最新情報 製造業関係に従事されている方々にはジョージア州の労働法を知る上での必須の内容のセミナーですので、どうぞ奮ってご参加くださるようお願い申し上げます。
Date & time: 2014-10-02 15:00
Employment Law Seminar / 州労働法セミナー   free:$0

Description: To celebrate the start of Fall, the JASG Young Professionals group invites you to a civilized culinary adventure in Decatur!

Establishments & Recommended Items

1) The Brick Store - The Brick Burger, Paired with Ale of Choice (バーガーとビール)

2) Sapori di Napoli - Any Pasta Dish! (Order then go next door to the Victory Sandwich Bar to have cocktails until it's ready! (パスタと隣のバーでカクテル)

3) The Iberian Pig - Iberico Tasting, Paired with Red Wine of Choice (タパス各種と赤ワイン)

Date & time: 2014-10-04 15:00
Taste of Decatur Dining Event   free:$0

Description: The Japan-America Society of Georgia is pleased to hold the 2014 Friendship Golf Tournament at Stone Mountain Golf Club’s Lakemont Course. Located in Stone Mountain, the Lakemont Course features breathtaking views of Stone Mountain and its historic, confederate carving.


Date & time: 2014-11-01 11:30
Friendship Golf Tournament   Member:$130
Friendship Golf Tournament   Non-Member:$180
Friendship Golf Tournament   Member Team (Foursome):$500
Friendship Golf Tournament   Non-Member Team (Foursome):$700

Date & time: 2014-11-01 11:30
Prize Donation   Prize Donation:$50
Prize Donation   Prize Donation:$100