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Young Professionals

Young Professionals Leaders:
Chris Kerr (Chair)
Stephen Haverfield
Yohei Mizukami

The JASG Young Professionals (YP) group was established in October 1996. The YP group is dedicated to creating a friendly, stimulating environment in which young professionals with an interest in international business and U.S.-Japan relations can gather and learn from local experts and from one another. Young Professionals’ meetings are informal, informative and interactive. By making use of the many Asia-related experts who live in or visit the metro-Atlanta area, the JASG Young Professionals organize a variety of interesting, practical programs designed to enhance member knowledge of Japan and U.S.-Japan relations. Young Professional events are for people with an interest in meeting others with a professional or personal interest in the U.S.-Japan relationship.

The Young Professionals is also about having fun. Members are encouraged to get to know one another and Young Professionals’ events always have time for socializing planned into the schedule. In order to maximize interaction, guest speakers are viewed more as discussion leaders than lecturers; questions and open discussion are strongly encouraged. Young Professionals are friendly, supportive, and excellent sources of information on a variety of subjects.

Membership is open to professionals working in companies with an international focus, or those with an interest in the U.S-Japan relationship. Membership dues are forty-five dollars ($45) per year. In addition to frequent YP events, Young Professionals are considered to be individual members of The Japan-America Society of Georgia. Therefore, members will receive The JASG Newsletter, invitations and discounts to all JASG events (special Young Professional discounts are available for some programs), and contact information on fellow Young Professionals. Existing individual members of The JASG need only pay five dollars ($5) to join the Young Professionals.

One of the goals for the Young Professionals is to create programs, which are informative, interesting, and fun. Meetings are held every month to six weeks. Members with an interest in taking a leadership role in the organization are welcome to do so. The Young Professionals would like as many members as possible to become active in the planning and organizing of events. In other words, while Young Professionals expect quality participation, each person is encouraged to find their own level of comfort.




YP会員資格は、日本関係に興味のある社会人 で、YP会員は同時に日米協会の個人会員にもなる事が出来ます。会員の皆様には、日米協会のニュースレター、求人情報、日米協会のYP割引などの特典があります。

会員費は年間費$45ドルで、日米協会個人会員または日米協会法人会員会社からの入会の場合は、年会費 $5ドルです。現在会員は主に日本人とアメリカ人です。会話は英語でも日本語でもOKですので、お気軽にご参加ください。YPは会員運営団体ですから、皆様の知恵と協力を必要としています。企画、スポーツ、ソーシャルの三つの委員会が設けられており、会員はこの中の一つ又はそれ以上の協力をすることを求められています。