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Asian-Pacific Children's Convention (APCC)


As Georgia’s liaison office for the 26th Annual Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC), The Japan-America Society of Georgia (JASG) is again able to share a once in a lifetime opportunity with 4 elementary school students (two boys and two girls) and 1 chaperone from the State of Georgia through this fully funded exchange program to Fukuoka, Japan (Atlanta’s Sister City).

This year’s APCC will be held from July 10-24, 2014. The JASG will again act as the official liaison office between the APCC, the city of Fukuoka, and Atlanta's APCC delegation, and will manage all per-departure preparations for this fully funded exchange program. Please follow the links below to apply and for more information about the 2014 APCC.

The APCC has been held annually since 1989 with the objectives of: 1) generating appreciation for the culture of other nations and regions; 2) promoting mutual understanding and friendship; 3) nurturing international awareness in the region through young people. The theme of the conference is “We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world.”

For more information on this year’s conference or if you know of any elementary students who would be interested in applying in future years, please contact the JASG at 404-842-1400 or For more information about the APCC, please visit


The BRIDGE CLUB (BC) began in 1998 as part of the preparations for the 10th APCC. Former Junior Ambassadors (JA) were invited back to Fukuoka as Peace Ambassadors (PA) and a worldwide network of APCC participants was established. Members of the BC then went back to their own countries and regions where many of them started their own BRIDGE CLUBs and began to hold regular meetings. For more information about the Bridge Club, please visit

1. Foster leaders with a global perspective who will shape the world in the future
2. Build a network of "Global Citizens" free from religious, political, and economic restrictions
3. Expand the network across the world, establish a circle of friendship and work towards creating peaceful society.

Bridge Club members are eligible to become an APCC Peace Ambassadors (PA) and return to Fukuoka, Japan for a continuation of cultural exchange among the different cultures of the world.

In order to achieve these goals, the BRIDGE CLUB reaches out beyond the limits of the APCC to form a human network around the world through its local BC activities. After returning to their own countries, the Peace Ambassadors launched themselves into BC activities. Each BC has their own activities depending on local needs. For example, humanitarian assistance, cultural exchange, intercultural education and training for JAs etc. The BC also acts as an alumni association for former participants of the APCC enabling them to keep in touch and sustain their friendships throughout the world.

Clubs in Existence
Atlanta (USA), Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam.

Atlanta Bridge Club Members (APCC Year)
- Keiko Yamakawa(Chaperone, 2004)
- Bryce Doreen (2004)
- Michelle Johnson (2004)
- Nikhil Lakhanpal (2004)
- Tamar Schmidt (2004)
- Audrey Schroeder (2004)
- Jesse Siebentritt (2004)
- Shanice Smith (2004)
- Margaret Stevens (2004)
- Barbara Conrad (Chaperone, 2005)
- Glendrevious Harris (2005)
- Kane Jeeves (2005)
- Carlo Nasisse (2005)
- Ariadne Paez (2005)
- Eliza Rothstein (2005)
- Kate Ruston (2005)
- Renea Barlett (Chaperone, 2006)
- Haley Goodling (2006)
- Katie Googe (2006)
- William Minus (2006)
- Ryan Nelson (2006)
- Amine Rouchdi (2006)
- Stephanie Tan (2006)
- Lina Hernandez (Chaperone, 2007)
- Rhiannon Bruns (2007)
- Charles Harris (2007)
- Courtney Haynes (2007)
- Ryotaka Matsumoto (2007)
- Christopher Miller (2007)
- Hayley Schroeder (2007)
- Jamie Mackay (Chaperone, 2008)
- Perrin Aycock (2008)
- Emily Chiaravalloti (2008)
- Andrew Jespersen (2008)
- Myles Johnson (2008)
- Kristie Liao (2008)
- Artur Tarasenko (2008)
- Charles Bowman (Chaperone, 2009)
- Tamar Schmidt (Peace Ambassador, 2009)
- Kyle Davie (2009)
- Lindsy Davis (2009)
- Brandon Fountain (2009)
- Quinn Marshall (2009)
- Jennifer Laub (Chaperone, 2010)
- Nikhil Lakhanpal (Peace Ambassador, 2010)
- Sebastian Gomez (2010)
- Leonardo Koomen (2010)
- Emma Rowe (2010)
- Julia Wolfenden (2010)
- Julia Kuipers (Chaperone, 2011)
- Stephanie Tan (Peace Ambassador, 2011)
- Clayton Eshleman (2011)
- Ansley McCoy (2011)
- Modeline Romelus (2011)
- Ismail Sanchez (2011)
- Kaori Igeta McEwen (Chaperone, 2012)
- Stephanie Tan (Peace Ambassador, 2012)
- Alice Barbe (2012)
- Samuel Katz (2012)
- Michael Odintsov (2012)
- Janani Suresh (2012)
- Bob Johnson (Liaison Office, 2013)
- Julia Kuipers (Chaperone, 2013)
- Kristie Liao (Peace Ambassador, 2013)
- Myles Johnson (Bridge Club Representative, 2013)
- Poppy Harris (2013)
- Quinn McEever (2013)
- Haley McMenomy (2013)
- Kenneth Miller (2013)