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Japan in a Classroom Program

The Japan-America Society of Georgia (JASG) is pleased to announce a special program offering presentations and activities related to Japanese culture, customs, language, current events, and etc. This program has been created to provide a clearer and wider understanding of these aspects of Japan to K-12 students, college students, community organizations, and also employees at various companies.

Japan Cultural Program Brochure
Japan Cultural Program Application

Each Presentation includes brief general information on Japan and lasts approximately 60 minutes but can be personalized to your liking. Topics can be chosen from the included list or presentations can be customized with other topics and different lengths of presentations may be requested.

Activities for K-12/University Students, and Community Organizations
(1) Japanese Children’s School Life
(2) Origami
(3) Chopsticks
(4) Simple Japanese Language
(5) Japanese Clothing (Kimono, Yukata)
(6) Calligraphy
(7) Studying/Working in Japan
(8) Japanese Business Culture and Etiquette

Activities for Businesses and Corporations
(1) Japanese Business Culture and Etiquette
(2) Working and Effective Communication with Japanese
(3) Japanese Businesses Language
(4) Traveling to Japan

The JASG would appreciate:
Any contribution for cost of materials and mileage would be appreciated. We request teachers to remain in the class during the presentation. While the JASG makes every effort to fulfill each request, we cannot guarantee our availability.

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